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Xcode Katas

The intent of this project is to have public repository that anyone can contribute to containing code katas or coding exercises. Please help us by contributing any of the following:

  1. Objective-C Katas
  2. iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone Katas
  3. Mac OS X Katas

Getting Started

git clone
cd xcode-katas
# pick a kata, for example
open iOS/ButtonLabelKata/ButtonLabelKata.xcodeproj/

Submitting New Katas or Bugfixes

Fork the project, make your change on a topic branch, and then send us a pull request on github. Also add your name and URL to the contributors list below and correct/improve our documentation while you're editing this README!

Publishing Your Solutions

Fork the project on github, implement your solutions, and push them back to your forked version for the world to see.


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