⚡️ Temporary peer to peer screenshot sharing from your browser.
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⚡️ Zapsnap

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Temporary peer to peer screenshot sharing from your browser.


What rocks

  • the files are temporary, so we don't waste resources on storing them
  • powered by WebTorrent
  • browser is used for sharing images peer to peer
  • when all browsers with the image are closed, the image is gone forever

What sucks

  • browser support, since it depends on WebTorrent which doesn't support IE and probably lacks support for majority of mobile browsers
  • each file depends on torrent network so it takes around ~3s to load the image
  • no Windows support for taking screenshots
  • once you as an owner of an image close the browser, the file might still be available if other peers keep their browser open


npm start     # will start the server
npm run watch # watch for CSS/JS file changes and build 
npm run build # build CSS/JS for production


Logo created by il Capitano from Noun Project.

Design by Benjamin Alijagić.




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