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The all-in-one Network Utility application!

NetUtils is a Network Utility application that can do a whole lot, including:

  • Network connectivity status
  • Network interface information
    • WiFi information
    • VPN information
  • Host information
  • WHOIS information from Whois XML API (subscription required)
  • DNS information from Whois XML API (subscription required)
  • Google Web Risk Information
  • Ping utility
  • View page source


API Keys

In order to use/build this project you will have to create an Api Key enum. An example is below:

struct ApiKey {
    let name: String
    let key: String

    static var inApp: ApiKey {
        return ApiKey(name: "In-App Purchases", key: "my_key_here")

This is necessary to support for In-App purchases properly. Service related keys are stored on the Cloudflare Workers® server.


fastlane is used for screenshots.


Icons by Nucleo