Some scripts that make hosting my friend's sites simpler for me
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#HostingScripts These are basic scripts used to make hosting simpler on my CentOS setup

##enablewww enablewww username enablewww enables hosting for the specified domain and username. If the user doesnt exist it will create it, so you probably have to run this as sudo. This creates a directory structure under /home/username/ and should set permissions properly. It also creates the vhosts file for apache and the configuration for named (the DNS service). THIS OVERWRITES CONFIGURATIONS for now

##disablewww disablewww username disablewww disables the hosting for the specified domain under the user. This just destroys symlinks and no actual configurations.

##listww listwww listwww lists all the enabled sites on this server It's a nice way of seeing which vhosts are being used

##hosting.conf hosting.conf is a file that contains some configuration variables for the system Modify this to adjust these scripts for your system.

last update: 06.09.2011