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added note about libcurl

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@@ -163,6 +163,9 @@ response = Typhoeus::Request.get("",
163 163 :headers => {"Authorization" => "Basic #{Base64.b64encode("#{username}:#{password}")}"})
164 164 </pre>
165 165
  166 +*LibCurl*
  167 +Typhoeus also has a more raw libcurl interface. These are the Easy and Multi objects. If you're into accessing just the raw libcurl style, those are your best bet.
  168 +
166 169 h2. Benchmarks
167 170
168 171 I set up a benchmark to test how the parallel performance works vs Ruby's built in NET::HTTP. The setup was a local evented HTTP server that would take a request, sleep for 500 milliseconds and then issued a blank response. I set up the client to call this 20 times. Here are the results:

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