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sublime-js-var-shortcuts Build status

Insert and delete shortcuts for JavaScript variables in Sublime Text

This was built for (1) quickly setting up and tearing down variables, (2) proof of concept for Sublime Text plugin testing framework.

Currently, only tear down is supported.

Deletion screencast

Getting Started


You must have node installed on your machine. We use esprima to locate the var statements.


This package is available under JS Var Shortcuts inside of Package Control, a Sublime Text plugin that allows for easy management of other plugins.

If you prefer the manual route, you can install the script via the following command in the Sublime Text terminal (ctrl+`) which utilizes git clone.

import os; path=sublime.packages_path(); (os.makedirs(path) if not os.path.exists(path) else None); window.run_command('exec', {'cmd': ['git', 'clone', '', 'JS Var Shortcuts'], 'working_dir': path})

Packages can be uninstalled via "Package Control: Remove Package" via the command pallete, ctrl+shift+p on Windows/Linux, command+shift+p on Mac.


By default, we bind variable deletion to ctrl+backspace on Windows/Linux, command+backspace on Mac. If no variables are selected, the default action (delete word on left) will be taken.

If you would like to add your own key binding, the deletion command is available as js_var_delete.

  "keys": ["ctrl+delete"],
  "command": "js_var_delete"


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Test via nosetests.


Support this project and others by twolfson via gittip.

Support via Gittip


Copyright (c) 2013 Todd Wolfson

Licensed under the MIT license.