Play fanfare after triumphing over git conflicts
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Play fanfare after triumphing over git conflicts

This is heavily inspired by @DanaDanger's victorious-merge


  • Plays fanfare on resolution of git conflicts from:
    • merge
    • rebase
  • Doesn't play fanfare on trivial merge (i.e. no conflicts/conflicts automatically resolved)
  • Cross-platform support on GNU/Linux and OS X
  • Play custom fanfare
  • Support for git>=1.7 and git>=2.0
  • MailChimp newsletter to receive updates




Before we get to the fun part (runnning this), we should cover what's going on and the reprecussions. We are using a setting in git known as init.templatedir. As the name implies, this is a folder that is used to initialize all future .git folders.

We are overriding the entire .git/hooks folder default (typically full of samples). As a result, we will also be conflicting with per-repo hooks (e.g. some teams like to enforce linting on each commit). So here is your warning:

victorious-git adjusts with your .git/hooks folder for all future repositories.

Please take caution and be aware that this will adjust future .git/hooks interactions, such as before/after commits occur.


One line install

The following installs victorious-git to ~/.config/victorious-git and sets up a user-wide init.templatedir.

(cd /tmp/ && (test -d victorious-git || git clone --depth 1 && cd victorious-git/ && bin/

By default, we will play the Final Fantasy VI fanfare.

Alternative sounds can be downloaded during installation via VICTORIOUS_GIT_MUSIC_URL. Here's an example with The Legend of Zelda's item get:

(cd /tmp/ && (test -d victorious-git || git clone --depth 1 && cd victorious-git/ && bin/

If you would like to update an existing installation's sounds, please see the Music section.

Test drive

Feeling uncertain about installing victorious-git? Give it a test drive. The following script will set up a temporary git directory using --template (no global installation):

(cd /tmp/ && (test -d victorious-git || git clone --depth 1 && cd victorious-git/ && bin/
# Creates new git repo at `/tmp/victorious-git-demo/`
# Sets up branches ready to be conflicts
# Outputs commands to let you pull the switch (e.g. `git merge`, `git commit`)

Symlink installation

By using symlinks, we can retroactively apply changes to victorious-git bound repositories (e.g. upgrades, changing music).

This is very dangerous because it effectively makes all .git repositories share the same hooks/ folder. This means adding a hook in ~/repo1/.git/hooks/prepare-commit-msg will add the hook to ~/repo2/.git/hooks.

# Navigate to a temporary location
cd /tmp/

# Clone our repository
git clone --depth 1
cd victorious-git/

# Run our symlink install script

Adding victorious-git to existing repositories

To integrate victorious-git in existing git repositories, we can use the following commands:

# Inside of our repository (e.g. `victorious-git`)
# Delete our existing `git` hooks
rm -r .git/hooks/

# Reinitialize the repository (leverages template directory)
# This will not destroy `git` history
git init

# Proof that hooks are installed
ls .git/hooks/



Upon installation, you should hear our sound play once. You can listen to the current sound via:

~/.config/victorious-git/dotgit/hooks/ ~/.config/victorious-git/dotgit/hooks/victory.mp3

If you would like to update the installed music, this can be done via:

wget "$music_url" --output-document ~/.config/victorious-git/dotgit/hooks/victory.mp3


victorious-git attempts to use afplay and falls back to mplayer for its music playback. To determine if you are using afplay, run:

# This will have output if we are using `afplay`
which afplay

If afplay is being used, its volume can be set via VICTORIOUS_GIT_VOLUME. By default, this is 5.

# Adjusts our `afplay -v 5` to `afplay -v 10`

To set this permanently for your user, it can be added to your ~/.bashrc. This includes zsh/fish/etc users as all our scripts invoke bash via a shebang (#!).

echo "export VICTORIOUS_GIT_VOLUME=10" >> ~/.bashrc


We strongly recommend performing all development via tests. It becomes cumbersome to setup and re-setup different git scenarios without them.

Here are some common techniques:

If you would like to inspect the state of a test fixture (e.g. a debugger), then you can place an exit as well as echo out the tmp_dir in fixture_git_init.

If you would like to compare different states of git folders, then run ls against the respective folders you want to inspect (e.g. .git/rebase).

If you would like to see which git hooks run in a scenario, then add in all possible variations with an echo and see which ones run.


Tests can be run via the following command:


By default, we disable test/ which runs installation tests as the current user. That test suite has the potential to destroy existing setups.

To run the install test, use the TEST_INSTALL environment variable:



In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. See the Testing section on how to run tests.


Support this project and others by twolfson via donations.


This project is inspired by @DanaDanger's victorious-merge.

The linked sound clips are not owned, hosted, nor licensed by this repository. By downloading them, you are agreeing that they are exclusively for personal use and the maintainers of this repository are not legally responsible for any consequences.


As of Jul 21 2015, Todd Wolfson has released this repository and its contents to the public domain.

It has been released under the UNLICENSE.