CiviCRM extension: On the Contact Relationships tab, display the contact's Job Title together with the current employer.
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Relationship Job Title

Install this extension to display, on the Contact Relationships tab, the contact's Job Title together with the current employer.

Optional configuration

No configuration is required.

Just install and go.


But if you want to be special, try defining these configurations in civicrm.settings.php:


Boolean; default TRUE.

By default, this extension will only show the job title for a relationship if the organization is the individual's current employer, since that's usually the expected meaning of the Job Title field. But if you want to force the job title to appear on all current employer/employee relationships for an individual, set this to TRUE, like so:

global $civicrm_setting;
$civicrm_setting['com.joineryhq.relationshipjobtitle']['limit_to_current_employer'] = FALSE;


Array; default array([ID of employer/employee relationship type])

By default, this extension only shows the job title on employer/employee relationships. But if you want to show it for other relationship types (for example, maybe you have a "Contractor for" relationship that you keep separate from employer/employee), use this configuration. You'll need to find the system IDs of the relationship types you want this to work for (including employer/employee if you want to keep using that). So for example, say you have these relevant relationship type IDs:

  • Employer/employee: 5
  • Contractor for/Has contractor: 23

The you would add this to civicrm.settings.php:

global $civicrm_setting;
$civicrm_setting['com.joineryhq.relationshipjobtitle']['relationship_type_ids'] = array (
  5,   // Employee
  23,  // Contractor