Couchdb backend for ejabberd
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Ejabberd storage and authentication using couchdb

This is a collection of erlang modules for providing couchdb support for ejabberd. Similar to the odbc and ldap modules in the ejabberd distribution. Right now it only supports authentication.

Authentication Schema

{ _id: "tofu@xmppserver.tld", _rev: "...", email: "", password: "SHA1:sha1-hash" }


  1. Install ejabberd
    • NOTE: If you do not use source make sure you get developement packages.
  2. Install ecouch -
  3. Install ejabberd-couchdb
    •  ./ ;./configure;make install
  4. Configure ejabberd
    • Add couch as the authentication module.
      {auth_method, couchdb}.
    • Configure couchdb options.
      {couchdb_options, [
      		  {user, none},
      		  {pass, none}