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# punjab tac file
# tac documentation is at the following URL:
from twisted.web import server, resource, static
from twisted.application import service, internet
from punjab.httpb import Httpb, HttpbService
root = static.File("./html")
# uncomment only one of the bosh lines, use_raw does no xml
# parsing/serialization but is potentially less reliable
#bosh = HttpbService(1, use_raw=True)
bosh = HttpbService(1)
# You can limit servers with a whitelist.
# The whitelist is a list of strings to match domain names.
# bosh.white_list = ['', '']
# or a black list
# bosh.block_list = ['', '']
root.putChild('http-bind', resource.IResource(bosh))
site = server.Site(root)
application = service.Application("punjab")
internet.TCPServer(5280, site).setServiceParent(application)
# To run this simply to twistd -y punjab.tac
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