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Fix stream:error namespace bug (Garret Heaton <>)
Add whitelist command line option. (Garret Heaton <>)
Add ability for wildcard subdomains (Garret Heaton <>)
== Mon Feb 8, 2010 ==
Abstract out the different XEPs in order to split 124 for BOSH and 206 for XMPP Over
BOSH. Allows for other protocols over BOSH. (commit 41fddc8)
Flash Crossdomain support (commit ee8aae1)
W3C CORS Support (commit 41ff4c3)
Default Resource url http-bind (commit 8020ba1)
Prevent Domains using a white list (commit 08ca878)
Added Twisted-names to dependency list (commit 6b65977)
Make ssl errors better.