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# Contact Info
- * @twopoint718 ([][0] [twitter][1])
+ * @twopoint718 ([][0], [twitter][1])
* twopoint718 (IRC <>)
- * MadLUG Steering Committee ([Madison Linux User Group][2] [meetup page][3])
+ * MadLUG Steering Committee ([Madison Linux User Group][2], [ page][3])
+ * mail
+ ([](,
+ [](
+# About Me
+My name's Chris Wilson. I'm a sciency kinda dude that's worked mostly
+in academic settings (national lab, university) and I like that a
+whole bunch. I've always been interested in more stuff than I could
+possibly really know well; among them: science, technology, codes,
+econ, radio, sailing, biking, music, movies, the future, and also the
+past (I hope that I'm a *little* bit less likely to be doomed to
+repeat it).
+And, of course, I love programming and computers. I was fascinated by
+Linux back around 1999, but really didn't get rolling until a bit
+later. I played with slackware enough to compile my Fortran 77 code
+for my computational physics class the next year. I handn't yet taken
+the full-Linux plunge and so I had a terminal-only computer stuffed
+under my dorm bed for when I needed `f77` or `g++`. From there I
+started writing reports using `LaTeX` in `nedit` on the school's SGI
+O2s and was pretty much hooked on *NIX. I was shown around Red Hat
+and Fedora Linux by a seasoned perl hacker who also inducted me into
+the church of Emacs around 2002 at the rank of acolyte. This was a
+time of much perl hackery (I loved the book [Computers and the
+I continue to use Linux, with only brief breaks here and there for
+forays into other OSs (OS X, Plan 9, and the very occasional Windows).
+I'm active in the Madison Linux community as a steering committee
+member for MadLUG and am interested in getting new users to try out
+Linux (email me with questions/comments).
+# How I Work
+## Software
+I mostly write text. I write it using Emacs (though for sysadmin
+tasks, a bit of vim), under the [XMonad]( tiling
+window manager. For mail, I use [mutt]( and work
+mail is signed with [S/MIME]( I
+use [irssi]( for IRC and either
+[bitlbee]( or Pidgin for jabber/AIM/etc. For
+general-purpose documentation, I write
+[markdown]( processed
+with [pandoc]( or
+[troff]( for when things like man pages are needed.
+Source-type text is versioned with [git](
+## Hardware
+I use a
+[dvorak]( key
+layout and usually type on a [Happy
+Hacking]( USB
+keyboard. I've been experimenting with a
+[Twiddler]( chorded keyboard/mouse for mobile
+computing and am looking for a nice way to interface this device with
+a Nexus S Android phone; probably using audio feedback for
+For monitors, I strongly prefer things in a 4:3 or 5:4 ratio, this is
+doubly true for laptops (although, I broke with this and got a [Lemur
+Ultrathin]( laptop from
+System76) where getting a decent vertical resolution while keeping the
+laptop in the 12-14" range is tough. Laptops which fit this
+definition are quite rare currently. Now that ipads are widely
+produced using a 4:3 screen, perhaps this trend will reverse.
+## Quixotic Notions
+ * Dates should be written in the YYYY-MM-DD format (big endian, like
+ all our other numbers)
+ * Keep time (where possible) using 24-hour clocks, preferably
+ everyone would use UTC (or even better,
+ [TAI](
+ * Metric paper sizes are superior to US paper sizes in every way, the
+ side ratio of sqrt(2)/1 is a brilliant hack
+ * [Roundabout](
+ intersections should be more widely adopted in the US because they
+ save fuel and are safer
+ * [Dollar coins](
+ should replace the paper dollar
+ * There are exactly 1 billion bytes (1,000,000,000) in a Gigabyte
+ (and likewise using SI units for MB, kB, TB). 1,073,741,824 bytes
+ are a *gibibyte*
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recentposts : FROM posts.yaml ORDER BY date DESC LIMIT 5
- url : contact.html
- title : Contact
+ title : "Contact / About Me"
template :
- url : blog.html
@@ -41,10 +41,3 @@
skills: FROM skills.yaml
degrees: FROM degrees.yaml ORDER BY date DESC
activities: FROM activities.yaml
-- Blog Posts:
- - url : 2011-07-03.html
- title : Social Networking
- template :
- data :
- posts : FROM posts.yaml WHERE date = '2011-07-03'

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