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+- date: 2011-07-03
+ title: Social Networking
+ postbody: >
+ *Google+ is another Facebook*. It may be nice but we should all
+ remember that it is basically the same thing. That may be a
+ positive or a negative for you, but the same conversation that
+ we've been having about Facebook applies to Google+. If we want
+ to network with people, perhaps it is worthwhile to consider
+ existing tools. Blogs for general sharing (blogs that live on
+ your own server!), email for 1-to-1 correspondence, IRC for chat
+ and so on. You don't need a third party to mediate your
+ relationships.
+ Enjoy the [XKCD on the topic](
- date: 2011-06-21
title: Code Crawl
postbody: >
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