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- date: 2011-09-24
- title: "strangeloop 2011 notes and flying"
+ title: "strangeloop 2011 notes"
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I got back from [Strangeloop 2011](
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**Tuesday (second day of conference)**
- * *Embedding Ruby and RubyGems Over RedBridge* with Yoko Harada -
- * *Event Driven Programming in Clojure* with Zach Tellman -
- * *Teaching Code Literacy* with Sarah Allen -
- * *Post-PC Computing is not a Vision* with Allen Wirfs-Brock -
- * *Simple Made Easy* with Rich Hickey -
- I also decided to take a flying lesson today...
+ * *Embedding Ruby and RubyGems Over RedBridge* with Yoko Harada -
+ This didn't make that much sense to me until coworker (@devn)
+ started doing some cool stuff with using ruby gems from clojure.
+ * *Event Driven Programming in Clojure* with Zach Tellman - This
+ was a really cool talk. It looked to me to be an
+ implementation of go-style concurrency (channels) in clojure.
+ There was also a macro that would analyze data dependencies and
+ do the correct async calls. The projects are called
+ [Lamina]( and
+ [Aleph]( and they're one of
+ those things that I want to find a project on which to use
+ them.
+ * *Teaching Code Literacy* with Sarah Allen - This was a talk
+ about how to give kids the opportunity to learn about
+ programming at an early age (Allen says that programming is one
+ of those things that you don't know if you'll like it until
+ you've tried it.) She also had found that the ages that
+ programming should be introduced is 5th-6th grade; earlier than
+ I thought!
+ * *Post-PC Computing is not a Vision* with Allen Wirfs-Brock -
+ This talk started with a breakdown of the eras of computing.
+ First was a "coporate" era, then a "personal" era, and now we
+ are entering the "ambient" era. Each era is defined by what
+ ends computing resources are put toward. In the coporate era
+ computing was used to solve problems that businesses had, then
+ computing became more available generally, and finally it is
+ becoming ubiquitous. This talk also covered the history of the
+ browser and how it is, and will be, the platform for the
+ forseeable future.
+ * *Simple Made Easy* with Rich Hickey - Rich's talk was an
+ argument for disentangling computing. It started with
+ separating the notions of "simple", "complex", and "easy".
+ Easy is a subjective thing, things that I find easy you may
+ not. Simple is objective, it derives from the notion of "a
+ single fold". Complex is just the opposite, it is "woven or
+ braided". We must avoid adding complexity to our software, or
+ as Rich put it, we must not "complect" it ("to interweave or
+ entwine"). Humans have a finite (and very limited) ability to
+ handle many factors simultaneously, and so to have any hope of
+ working with difficult problems, we must be rigorous in working
+ toward simplicity.
+ Rich had a few words for TDD in his talk, and I think these
+ were widely misinterpreted. His point was simply that tests
+ have a cost and a thoughtless devotion to them will risk
+ underestimating that cost. I think a lot of people took that
+ to mean "you shouldn't test" or that "tests are worthless", but
+ I think he was just pointing out that they're not free. He
+ introduced the term "guardrail programming" for a style that
+ just bounces between the guardrails rather than proceeds to a
+ destination by steering.
+ This talk drew a standing ovation from the crowd, including, I
+ hear, Gerald Sussman. I'll be looking for it on video when it
+ comes out.
+ Strangeloop 2011+N is definitely on my must-attend list. The
+ people that I met (which could be another couple of blog posts)
+ were worth the admission all by themselves. The talks were
+ fascinating and gave me a ton to read up on. The conference felt
+ like it was well-run and organized. St. Louis was a cool city to
+ hang out in (I wish we had the same open-container law in
+ Madison!). I can't wait for next year.
- date: 2011-08-16
title: Madison Ruby Conference
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