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+- date: 2012-12-15
+ title: sopa hearings
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+ These SOPA hearings are beyond awful. The fact that the hearings, at least
+ as I have found them at 6pm CST, are about who has standing to sue in the
+ US, nothing more. This feels like a group of people standing around trying
+ to decide to roast hotdogs or marshmallows as the [Library of
+ Alexandria]( burns.
+ [This
+ letter](,
+ which carries the signatures of many the designers and builders of the
+ Internet (TCP/IP, BIND, DNS, HTTP, MIME, etc.), clearly lays out the damage
+ that this bill would cause.
+ What I find infuriating about the discussions that are happening right now
+ regarding SOPA, is that the committee members are so glaringly ignorant of
+ the Internet. There is no discussion of how it would work with DNS, what
+ burden that would put on hosting companies, schools, organizations, etc.
+ In short, they don't appear to know how the Internet works.
+ I cannot help but worry that there are influencers promoting this bill who
+ have a very narrow interest in the Internet. They see it as an economic
+ threat to an old business model (movies, music) and it must be turned into
+ a safe and effective mechanism to secure an income stream in the future.
- date: 2011-09-24
title: "strangeloop 2011 notes"
postbody: >

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