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Location finder using gps module. 😃

This is built on Python 3.5 asyncio, websockets and tornado.

Here the GPS Module SKG13C has been used. The drivers can be found at here for different OSes.

After connecting the GPS module we can see the port address of the module as something like


in Linux and as


in Mac OSX.

Accordingly change the port address in

install the required libraries of python 3.5 as mentioned below.

pip3.5 install tornado

pip3.5 install geopy

pip3.5 install websockets

pip3.5 install pyserial

pip3.5 install asyncio

It's better to install python 3.5 for the project using pyenv.

Run the server.


Then, run the gps client to retrieve the address.


The location can be seen in any browser over google maps.


Give it a go. 😃 is given to test the GPS module only.

Made with ❤️ by Chinmay Das and Tworit