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ohmeow commented Feb 27, 2014

There are a number of changes I made based on recommendations for the book and my overall experience building web applications on rails and ASP.NET MVC. They are as follows:

  1. Renamed the DJANGO_ROOT and SITE_ROOT constants to follow conventions in book (p.20)
  2. Renamed the inner "project_name" to "project_name_config" to clarify it's purpose and improve understandability
  3. Upgraded css/ fonts/ js/ to Bootstrp 3.1.1
  4. Updated URL to DJango admin to be 'site-admin' instead of just 'admin'

pydanny commented Feb 28, 2014

This has some good stuff, but unfortunately I have to reject it. It's my fault and I apologize. The problem is that this pull request covers many topics, making discussion of individual issues impossible. Each one of the four things changed should be their own pull request. What I should do to prevent this from happening again is create a contributors.rst document that the issue tracker will link to. In the meantime, here are a few comments:

  1. The changes to the DJANGO_ROOT and SITE_ROOT look pretty good. This would probably be accepted.
  2. While I appreciate the use of config label, it goes against our preference and the current book edition's example. This will confuse readers coming to this from the book. For those who want a config module, I can recommend https://github.com/pydanny/cookiecutter-django or even https://github.com/rdegges/django-skel. This would be rejected.
  3. The twitter bootstrap updates is not the minified version. This would be rejected.
  4. The convention for displaying the Django Admin is 'admin'. In production it's a good idea to choose something completely different, perhaps using a pattern like https://github.com/opencomparison/opencomparison/blob/develop/urls.py#L20. This would be rejected.

Again, I really apologize for not having a contributors.rst document. I'll have that in place in the next day or so.

pydanny closed this Feb 28, 2014

ohmeow commented Mar 3, 2014

Thanks for the comments and no apologies necessary.

As for 2 above, I really like your cookiecutter-django template ... so much so that I think you guys should consider making it the template for future editions of the book, even though it admittedly utilizes tech beyond the scope of just django/python

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