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We welcome users and developers to help us extend and improve BeakerX for the benefit of all. The two main ways of doing that are by filing issues and submitting pull requests.


First search and see if an appropriate issue already exists. You can add your comments or reaction there.

If you are reporting a bug:

  • Make sure you have the latest released version of BeakerX.

  • Include precise instructions for reproducing the problem. Linking to a published notebook is often a good way.

Pull Requests

In order for us to accept your code or pull request, we need for you to fill out and email a scan of a signed copy of the Contributor License Agreement.

BeakerX uses Google Java style, and all Java code needs unit tests. For JavaScript we use Google JS style with require instead of goog. All files should end with newline and have a copyright and license banner.

Core Team Process

For those with write access to the github repository, please use the following system for naming your branches and submitting your work.

  • Make one PR for each issue. Each PR should be a branch from master that can be merged independently of any other issue.
  • Name your branch "YourName/IssueNumber", eg "spot/6483".
  • Each commit should have the issue number in its message like "#6483" so that github links it.
  • An admin will review, test, write feedback, and eventually merge the PR and close the issue.
  • Do not rebase your PRs.