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Various things TODO:

  • obviously, add more commands
  • move validation logic into the command modules
  • much more extensive command validation: I do not ever want to see a script stack due to knowable error conditions (e.g., invalid branch name)
  • elmininate dependencies on static information (e.g., CWD) from utility components
  • write unit tests
  • generally, check for state of repositories (merging, etc.) before doing operations... also bare repos, "unborn" repos, etc.
  • use rebase status of meta-repo to track rebases
  • add git-meta rebase continue, abort, etc.
  • progress meters for remote operations (fetch, include, open, pull, etc.)
    • I've done a lot of this work on the 'working-on-progress-bars' branch, but it's dependent on the nodegit issues listed below
  • I believe it may be possible to factor out some of the logic between rebase, cherry-pick, and merge.
  • status doesn't show new submodules, or when new submodules have new info

Testing/cleanup effort

  • Write tests for all methods.
  • Add assertions for preconditions to methods, particularly argument types.
  • Eliminate calls to exit except for in the main modules. Change calls to exit into UserError exceptions; document this in method contracts.

Open Issues to Watch

Progress on fetches

Currently, nodegit calls back on each object that is downloaded; this causes an amount of overhead that is prohibitive.

Nodegit keeps process running

Performance of libgit/rebase

  • caching lookup

  • option to skip workdir check

  • skip unchecked out subdirs by, e.g., making this change:

    diff_opts.flags =

        GIT_DIFF_RECURSE_UNTRACKED_DIRS | /* needed to match baseline */

    from the git_checkout_iterator method in checkout.c

  • git_submodule_status is the actual bottleneck. It's slow because it calls submodule_update_head each time, and that method calls git_repository_head_tree, which is slow. Could probably cache this once per run.