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Satellite Slave

An agent to monitor your Mesos Slaves.


Java (tested against Oracle JDK 1.7), Mesos, Zookeeper, Leiningen


Run lein release-jar to compile a jar in ./target. Copy a copy of the standalone jar to each Mesos slave host.


There is a sample master config file included in /config/sample.clj. Since the master config file is a clojure program, you can run any sort of initialization code that you want here. However, at minimum, you should define the "settings" var.

To make it easier to edit simple values, the sample master config loads data from a static json file in the same directory, config/sample-settings.json. You can start off by just editing the values in this file. Later on, if you need to write your own comets, you can add those directly to the master config.clj file.

Thorough documentation of the final structure of the settings can be found at /src/satellite_slave/config.clj.

To get started, all you should have to do is copy the sample files and list your Satellite masters.


Run each jar using java as usual, with the single argument being a path to your config file. For example,

java -jar ./target/satellite.jar ./config/config.clj


Communication between Satellite Master and Slaves are insecure; secure communication is unnecessary because the information from Slaves--host metrics--is not considered confidential.


There isn't much information in the log file, but you can run the slave with the --dry-run option. That will print all events to STDOUT. It will not connect to the master.

java -jar ./target/satellite.jar ./config/config.clj --dry-run