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Welcome to Two Sigma's Waiter project!

Waiter is a web service platform that runs, manages, and automatically scales services without requiring human intervention.

Waiter Design is a good place to start to learn more.

Subproject Summary

In this repository, you'll find two subprojects, each with its own documentation.

  • waiter - This is the actual web service platform, Waiter. It comes with a JSON REST API.
  • kitchen - This is the kitchen application, a test app used by the Waiter integration tests.

Please visit the waiter subproject first to get started.


The quickest way to get Mesos, Marathon, and Waiter running locally is with docker and minimesos.

  1. Install docker
  2. Install minimesos
  3. Clone down this repo
  4. Run kitchen/bin/ to build the minimesos agent image with kitchen baked in
  5. cd waiter
  6. Run minimesos up to start Mesos, ZooKeeper, and Marathon
  7. Run bin/ to start Waiter
  8. Waiter should now be listening locally on port 9091

Quickstart (local shell scheduling)

Waiter can also be run without Mesos and Marathon, using the "shell scheduler". Note that this scheduler should only be used for testing purposes, not in production.

  1. Clone down this repo
  2. cd waiter
  3. Run bin/ to start Waiter
  4. Waiter should now be listening locally on port 9091


In order to accept your code contributions, please fill out the appropriate Contributor License Agreement in the cla folder and submit it to


Apache Mesos is a trademark of The Apache Software Foundation. The Apache Software Foundation is not affiliated, endorsed, connected, sponsored or otherwise associated in any way to Two Sigma, Waiter, or this website in any manner.

© Two Sigma Open Source, LLC