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adds the error class into the request log (#992)

* adds the error class into the request log

* updates the docstring
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shamsimam authored and sradack committed Dec 2, 2019
1 parent e45a783 commit c0f6b09092016bbd084db533e3fa071adb764a24
@@ -62,13 +62,14 @@
(defn- classify-error
"Classifies the error responses from the backend into the following vector:
- error cause (:client-eagerly-closed, :client-error, :instance-error or :generic-error),
- associated error message, and
- the http status code."
- associated error message,
- the http status code, and
- the canonical name of the exception that 'caused' the error."
(let [classification (cond (instance? ExceptionInfo error)
(let [[error-cause message status] (classify-error (ex-cause error))
(let [[error-cause message status error-class] (classify-error (ex-cause error))
error-cause (or (-> error ex-data :error-cause) error-cause)]
[error-cause message status])
[error-cause message status error-class])
(instance? IllegalStateException error)
[:generic-error (.getMessage error) 400]
;; cancel_stream_error is used to indicate that the stream is no longer needed
@@ -83,9 +84,10 @@
[:instance-error (utils/message :backend-request-timed-out) 504]
[:instance-error (utils/message :backend-request-failed) 502])
[error-cause _ _] classification]
(log/info (-> error .getClass .getCanonicalName) (.getMessage error) "identified as" error-cause)
[error-cause _ _] classification
error-class (-> error .getClass .getCanonicalName)]
(log/info error-class (.getMessage error) "identified as" error-cause)
(conj classification error-class)))

(defn- determine-client-error
"Classifies the error into one of :client-eagerly-closed or :client-error"
@@ -233,10 +235,13 @@
(defn- handle-response-error
"Handles error responses from the backend."
[error reservation-status-promise service-id request]
(let [[error-cause message status] (classify-error error)
metrics-map (metrics/retrieve-local-stats-for-service service-id)]
(let [[error-cause message status error-class] (classify-error error)
metrics-map (metrics/retrieve-local-stats-for-service service-id)
error-map (assoc metrics-map
:error-class error-class
:status status)]
(deliver reservation-status-promise error-cause)
(utils/exception->response (ex-info message (assoc metrics-map :status status) error) request)))
(utils/exception->response (ex-info message error-map error) request)))

(let [min-buffer-size 1024
max-buffer-size 32768
@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@

(defn response->context
"Convert a response into a context suitable for logging."
[{:keys [authorization/method authorization/principal backend-response-latency-ns descriptor latest-service-id
get-instance-latency-ns handle-request-latency-ns headers instance instance-proto protocol status
waiter-api-call?] :as response}]
[{:keys [authorization/method authorization/principal backend-response-latency-ns descriptor error-class
get-instance-latency-ns handle-request-latency-ns headers instance instance-proto latest-service-id
protocol status waiter-api-call?] :as response}]
(let [{:keys [service-id service-description source-tokens]} descriptor
token (some->> source-tokens (map #(get % "token")) seq (str/join ","))
{:strs [metric-group run-as-user version]} service-description
@@ -84,7 +84,8 @@
handle-request-latency-ns (assoc :handle-request-latency-ns handle-request-latency-ns)
location (assoc :response-location location)
token (assoc :token token)
(some? waiter-api-call?) (assoc :waiter-api waiter-api-call?))))
(some? waiter-api-call?) (assoc :waiter-api waiter-api-call?)
error-class (assoc :waiter-error-class error-class))))

(defn log-request!
"Log a request"
@@ -307,10 +307,16 @@
(hu/grpc? headers client-protocol)
(add-grpc-headers-and-trailers error-context)))

(defn attach-error-class
"Attaches error-class on Waiter generated responses when it is available in the provided error data."
[response {:keys [error-class]}]
(cond-> response
error-class (assoc :error-class error-class)))

(defn data->error-response
"Converts the provided data map into a ring response.
The data map is expected to contain the following keys: details, headers, message, and status."
[{:keys [headers status] :or {status 400} :as data-map} request]
[{:keys [details headers status] :or {status 400} :as data-map} request]
(let [error-context (build-error-context data-map request)
content-type (request->content-type request)]
(-> {:body (case content-type
@@ -322,17 +328,18 @@
:headers (-> headers
(assoc-if-absent "content-type" content-type))
:status status}
(attach-error-class details)
(attach-grpc-status error-context request)

(defn- wrap-unhandled-exception
"Wraps any exception that doesn't already set status in a parent
exception with a generic error message and a 500 status."
(let [{:keys [status]} (ex-data ex)]
(let [{:keys [status] :as error-data} (ex-data ex)]
(if status
(ex-info (str "Internal error: " (.getMessage ex)) {:status 500} ex))))
(ex-info (str "Internal error: " (.getMessage ex)) (assoc error-data :status 500) ex))))

(defn exception->response
"Converts an exception into a ring response."
@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@
"version" "service-version"}
:source-tokens [{"token" "test-token1" "version" "E-1234"}
{"token" "test-token2" "version" "E-4321"}]}
:error-class "java.lang.Exception"
:get-instance-latency-ns 500
:handle-request-latency-ns 2000
:headers {"content-length" "40"
@@ -106,7 +107,8 @@
:service-version "service-version"
:status 200
:token "test-token1,test-token2"
:waiter-api false}
:waiter-api false
:waiter-error-class "java.lang.Exception"}
(response->context response)))))

(deftest test-wrap-log

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