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excludes command parameter from token (#968)

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shamsimam authored and dposada committed Sep 25, 2019
1 parent d9ec5b0 commit c1c1eac846e2f56d1e898bb17051bbcb11ad18dd
Showing with 29 additions and 28 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 cli/integration/tests/waiter/
  2. +25 −26 waiter/integration/waiter/token_request_test.clj
@@ -829,12 +829,12 @@ def test_post_token_json_and_flags(self):
self.assertIn('mem', cli.stderr(cp))

cp = cli.update(self.waiter_url, token_name, update_flags=f'--json {path} --version foo --image bar')
cp = cli.update(self.waiter_url, token_name, update_flags=f'--json {path} --name foo --image bar')
self.assertEqual(0, cp.returncode, cp.stderr)
token_data = util.load_token(self.waiter_url, token_name)
self.assertEqual(0.2, token_data['cpus'])
self.assertEqual(256, token_data['mem'])
self.assertEqual('foo', token_data['version'])
self.assertEqual('foo', token_data['name'])
self.assertEqual('bar', token_data['image'])
util.delete_token(self.waiter_url, token_name)
@@ -931,6 +931,7 @@ def test_implicit_init_args(self):
token_name = self.token_name()
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=True) as file:
init_flags = (
'--cmd-type shell '
'--https-redirect true '
'--cpus 0.1 '
'--fallback-period-secs 10 '
@@ -947,6 +948,7 @@ def test_implicit_init_args(self):
token = util.load_token(self.waiter_url, token_name)
self.assertEqual('your command', token['cmd'])
self.assertEqual('shell', token['cmd-type'])
self.assertEqual('your version', token['version'])
self.assertEqual(0.1, token['cpus'])
self.assertEqual(2048, token['mem'])
@@ -55,38 +55,37 @@
(let [service-id-prefix (rand-name "testhostname")
token (rand-name)
update-token-fn (fn [version]
(let [{:keys [status]} (post-token waiter-url {:name service-id-prefix
:cpus 1
:mem 1250
:version version
:cmd "test command"
:health-check-url "/ping"
:permitted-user "*"
:run-as-user (retrieve-username)
:token token})]
(is (= 200 status))))
validate-token-fn (fn [version num-threads num-iter]
update-token-fn (fn [cmd]
(let [response (post-token waiter-url {:cmd cmd
:cpus 1
:health-check-url "/ping"
:mem 1250
:name service-id-prefix
:permitted-user "*"
:run-as-user (retrieve-username)
:token token})]
(assert-response-status response 200)))
validate-token-fn (fn [cmd num-threads num-iter]
(fn []
(let [{:keys [body status]} (get-token waiter-url token)]
(is (= 200 status))
(is (every? #(str/includes? (str body) (str %)) [service-id-prefix "1250" version "test command"]))
(let [{:keys [body] :as response} (get-token waiter-url token)]
(assert-response-status response 200)
(is (every? #(str/includes? (str body) (str %)) [service-id-prefix "1250" cmd "/ping"]))
(is (not-any? #(str/includes? (str body) (str %)) ["invalid"]))))))
update-and-validate-token-fn (fn [version]
(log/info "creating configuration using token" token "with version" version)
(update-token-fn version)
update-and-validate-token-fn (fn [cmd]
(log/info "creating configuration using token" token "with cmd" cmd)
(update-token-fn cmd)
(log/info "asserting configuration for token" token "from routers (best-effort)")
(validate-token-fn version 10 10))
version1 "123987132937213712"
version2 "656760465406467480"
version3 "678219671796032121"]
(validate-token-fn cmd 10 10))
cmd1 "123987132937213712"
cmd2 "656760465406467480"
cmd3 "678219671796032121"]
(update-and-validate-token-fn version1)
(update-and-validate-token-fn version2)
(update-and-validate-token-fn version3)
(update-and-validate-token-fn cmd1)
(update-and-validate-token-fn cmd2)
(update-and-validate-token-fn cmd3)
(delete-token-and-assert waiter-url token))))))

@@ -884,7 +883,7 @@
(log/info response-body))
(assert-response-status token-response 200)
(is (str/includes? response-body service-id-prefix))
(let [{:strs [namespace run-as-user] :as token-json} (try-parse-json response-body)]
(let [{:strs [namespace run-as-user]} (try-parse-json response-body)]
(is (= target-user run-as-user))
(is (= target-user namespace))))
(log/info "asserted retrieval of configuration for token" token)

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