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SSH (LaunchBar Action)
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SSH (LaunchBar Action)

SSH LaunchBar Action

This SSH action allows you quickly connect to previously used ssh connections. Therefor it reads your .zsh_history and your .bash_history and gives you a list of all available ssh connections. Fuzzy search on that list is available as well.


Because it seems to be impossible to teach MacOS's ssh:// URL functionality to open hosts defined within .ssh/config, this action unfortunately depends on iTerm2 and its integration into LaunchBar. Make sure you have iTerm2 installed and the LaunchBar Action Run iTerm Command is available to you. You can check that by invoking LaunchBar and type Run.


Clone/download this repository's master and double-click SSH.lnbaction. LaunchBar will then prompt you, whether you want to install it.


Type ssh and SSH should then appear. Press either the return- or the space-key and type in a host you recently connected to. Press the return key again to open a new terminal window running an ssh connection to that specific host.

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