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The Apple development community is open and inclusive to everyone, and during WWDC we want to make sure everyone can join events, share articles about Apple’s new announcements, or just hang out with like-minded folks.

So, a number of us decided to start this repository to host links to various WWDC events, news, and tutorials from around the community. That means this repo will contain links to events being organized around our community, plus content from SwiftUI Lab, Hacking with Swift, Donny Wals, Swift with Majid, and many more – and we would love to share your articles too.

Note: As WWDC hasn’t started yet, many of the categories below will remain empty until Apple’s announcements. If you have links to add to one of the categories, please see How to contribute below.

Events and Meetups












App Clips


Default Apps

Core ML



Xcode Playgrounds and SwiftPM

Swift Playgrounds




How to contribute

This repository has a number of “official” contributors who are posting links to their work and events here and are also able to merge pull requests. But it’s completely open for everyone to contribute articles, videos, tips, and more, from any source.

So, if you’ve written about something new from WWDC20, or if you’re organizing a community event, please open a pull request and link to it. You’re also welcome to send in links to other articles, videos, and even tweets that help folks get started with new APIs and Swift changes introduced at WWDC20 – we want to represent the full spectrum of voices in our community.

Please check that:

  1. All links are freely available to read for everyone. If you are linking to a paid product that has a discount, please put it in the Offers category.
  2. The link hasn’t been submitted previously.
  3. You place your link at the bottom of its category, not the top, so that it comes below other links.
  4. Ensure that your link follows the following format: [Post name](link to post) from [Author name]. For example [My WWDC 2020 Wishlist]( from Becky Hansmeyer.

If you are running sales or special offers on developer-related products, books, or services, please add them under the Offers category. If you have several products or offers, please just send in one link to avoid overwhelming the list.

Finally, please do not link to articles that are specifically about rumors – we’re interested in sharing our knowledge and excitement, not leaks.

Why does this exist?

The Swift community is a thriving and exciting one, but it can sometimes feel a bit personality-driven. This repository was started to encourage everyone in our community to share their learnings, their perspectives, and their social events regardless of their background.

WWDC is such an amazing time for our community, but the best bit about WWDC is the community itself – our chance to come together and share our excitement for building great software.

And so this repository exists to promote events, articles, videos, and more from folks across the whole spectrum of our community. You might have heard of some contributors previously, but we hope you’ll also discover some new voices who are doing amazing work.

So, if you’re setting up social events, Slack groups, quiz nights or more, please add links to them here for others to find. Or if you’re writing about new APIs from WWDC20, if you’re making videos about them, or even if you’re just tweeting cool code samples or Xcode tips, we would love for you to be involved and to share them here.

We want to encourage you to contribute even if it’s your very first blog post. This is a community effort, and we want everyone to have their voice heard – we appreciate you and your hard work, and want to celebrate that here!

Who can merge your PR?

This WWDC Community repository was founded by a group of folks from around the Swift community. They are all collaborators for this GitHub repository, which means they will be posting links to their own content and links to other content they find, but ultimately our main job is merging pull requests that come in from you.

We are:

If you’d like to help merge pull requests, please get in touch. We particularly welcome folks from underrepresented communities – please reach out!

Legal bits

This is a community effort, which means it is not an official Apple initiative and neither is it endorsed by Apple.

Swift, the Swift logo, Swift Playgrounds, Xcode, Instruments, Cocoa Touch, Touch ID, FaceID, iPhone, iPad, Safari, App Store, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, Mac and macOS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Although we are doing our best to check every link and pull request, we’re not able to endorse the websites posted here. If you have any concerns about this project or the links here, please get in touch by email or on Twitter.


WWDC Community: Learning and sharing together



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