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A repo for small utilities we use in Cocoa Development. Conveniently broken up into small subspecs for à la carte use.


Core Animation

pod 'TWTToast/CoreAnimation'

A subspec for Core Animation-level classes and categories.

Easing Functions

pod TWTToast/CoreAnimation/EasingFunctions

  • CAMediaTimingFunction+TWTEasingFunctions provides factory methods for conveniently creating common easing timing functions.


pod TWTToast/Foundation

A subspec for Foundation-level classes and categories.

Asynchronous Operation

pod TWTToast/Foundation/AsynchronousOperation

  • TWTAsynchronousOperation provides an NSOperation subclass with support for asynchronous execution during an operation's lifespan.
Block Enumeration

pod TWTToast/Foundation/BlockEnumeration

  • TWTBlockEnumeration exposes methods on NSArray, NSDictionary, NSEnumerator, NSOrderedSet, and NSSet for block based enumeration. These methods include functionality for Collect, Inject, Detect, Reject, Flatten, and Select.
Concurrent Accessor

pod TWTToast/Foundation/ConcurrentAccessor

  • TWTConcurrentAccessor provides a mechanism for efficiently accessing an object across multiple threads. Internally, it uses Dispatch Barriers to allow multiple simultaneous readers and one writer, though this complexity is hidden behind a simple interface.
Date Range

pod TWTToast/Foundation/DateRange

  • TWTDateRange models closed date ranges to easily determine if a date falls within a certain range.

pod TWTToast/Foundation/ErrorUtilities

  • TWTErrorUtilities defines utility functions for creating assertions and exception messages.

pod TWTToast/Foundation/KVO

  • TWTKeyValueObserver exposes a method for encapsulating a KVO-based observation such that it can be more easily released.
NSArray Index Path Additions

pod TWTToast/Foundation/NSArrayIndexPathAdditions

  • NSArray+TWTIndexPath provides methods for working with arrays (or hierarchically organized arrays) by index path.

pod TWTToast/Foundation/SubclassResponsibility

  • NSException+TWTSubclassResponsibility provides a convenience factory method for creating exceptions when implementing a given method is a subclass's responsibility.
Tree Node

pod TWTToast/Foundation/TreeNode

  • TWTTreeNode is a simple tree implementation with a node object and a flag for whether the node is expanded. Nodes can be looked up by index paths, which they compute themselves. We used this model to build a tree view with expadable groups.


pod 'TWTToast/UIKit'

A subspec containing our humble extensions to UIKit.


pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/AutoLayout'

  • UIView+TWTConvenientConstraintAddition provides methods for adding constraints for several visual format strings with a single message send.

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/Blocks'

  • UIActionSheet+TWTBlocks establishes a block-based means of handling UIActionSheets.
  • UIAlertView+TWTBlocks does the same for UIAlertView, enabling easy block-based handling of UIAlertView input.

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/Color'

  • UIColor+TWTColorHelpers is a collection of convenience methods for creating UIColors, e.g. from hexadecimal values.

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/Device'

  • UIDevice+TWTSystemVersion provides convenient methods of retrieving and comparing iOS version information in a more performant way, using NSIntegers rather than string comparison.
Nib-backed View

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/NibBackedView'

  • TWTNibBackedView is an abstract class that makes it easy to create a view that is primarily laid out and configured using a nib. It is built to work correctly whether the view is instantiated in code or in a nib.
Prepare For Segue

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/PrepareForSegue'

  • UIViewController+TWTPrepareForSegue adds -twt_prepareFor«Identifier»Segue:sender: to view controllers, where «Identifier» is the capitalized form of the segue’s identifier.
Snapshot Image

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/SnapshotImage'

  • UIView+TWTSnapshotImage provides a convenient method for getting a snapshot image of a view’s hierarchy.
Text Style

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/TextStyle'

  • TWTTextStyle is a convenient way to package fonts and colors together as a style and apply them to different views. Keep a set of them as singletons or make class factory methods.
View Controller Completion

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/ViewControllerCompletion'

  • UIViewController+TWTCompletion adds a completion block and corresponding finish and cancel methods to view controllers, to provide an easy way for a presented view controller to signal to the presenting view controller when it is done.
View Controller Transitions

pod 'TWTToast/UIKit/ViewControllerTransitions'

  • TWTNavigationControllerDelegate conforms to the UINavigationControllerDelegate protocol and adds properties to UIViewController for specifying push and pop animation controllers.
  • TWTSimpleAnimationController conforms to the UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning protocol and wraps +[UIView transitionFromView:toView:duration:options:completion:] to facilitate using built-in transitions provided by UIKit.


pod 'TWTToast/Mantle'

A subspec containing various Mantle extensions used by Two Toasters.

Mantle Model

pod 'TWTToast/Mantle/MantleModel'

  • TWTMantleModel contains basic extensions to MTLModel. For now, it simply adds the ability to exclude property keys from archiving, description, and equality checking.
Model Class Deserialization

pod 'TWTToast/Mantle/ModelClassDeserialization'

  • TWTModelClassDeserialization unifies deserialization of JSON objects into Mantle model objects.
Selective JSON Adapter

pod 'TWTToast/Mantle/SelectiveJSONAdapter'

  • TWTSelectiveJSONAdapter extends MTLJSONAdapter to serialize only a subset of a model object’s property keys.


@jnjosh, @prachigauriar, @macdrevx, and @dfowj currently act as the owners of Toast. Mention us in issues or pull requests for questions about features, project direction, or to request code review.

Typically, a pull request should receive a code review and a 👍 from at least 2 project owners before being merged. In cases where a pull request review needs to be expedited a single 👍 from an owner will suffice, though this should be the exception, not the rule.


TWTToast was created by developers at Two Toasters(@twotoasters) in order to collect our reusable code into one common repository, easily accessible via CocoaPods subspecs.


All code in TWTToast is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Tools and Utilities for Cocoa Development







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