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Flexible CLI test runner for UISpec
Ruby Objective-C C
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By Blake Watters

A flexible CLI test runner for use with the UISpec iOS BDD framework.

Install the gem and run: uispec -h for details.


To utilize the uispec utility, you must add the UISpecRunner category to your project. This category provides support for running specs by Protocol and provides a general environment variable based runner. The category header and implementation file as well as a main.m are available in the src/ directory with this gem. Use gem edit uispecrunner or pull them from Github.

NOTE - Be sure you update your app delegate class in main.m if necessary. Compare the call to UIApplicationMain from your normal app's main.m to the spec runner. Example: int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, @"MyAppDelegateClassHere");


  • Running all specs
  • Running all specs in a class
  • Running a specific spec class and method
  • Switches for targeting different iOS SDK versions, project files, configurations and targets
  • Starting securityd daemon to allow interaction with the keychain
  • Support for reading configuration settings from
  • A Ruby API for configuring your own spec runners
  • Will read common arguments from uispec.opts file for easy per project configuration
  • Includes a sample Rakefile for running your UISpec's
  • Support for setting arbitrary environment variables on the runner
  • Builds project using xcodebuild
  • Supports running specs via shell or AppleScript (osascript)



Copyright (c) 2010 Blake Watters. See LICENSE for details.

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