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This is a sample Android project to demo the Wear MessageApi. It consists of two modules:

  • mobile - The phone app
  • wear - The Wear app

The mobile app is simply a Service (ListenerService) that listens for messages from the Wear device. When the mobile app gets a message, it displays it as a Toast.

The Wear app talks to the mobile app through the Android Wear MessageApi. It contains only an Activity (MyActivity) that contains a Button. When the user taps the Button, a message is sent to the mobile app indicating that a Toast should be shown.

Note: When deploying to your device, make sure you push the Wear app's apk to the Wear device and the mobile app's apk to the phone/tablet. If there's no signing going on (which there isn't by default), the Wear app won't be automatically pushed when you install the mobile app.