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Project Readme

A short summary of what this project is directed at accomplishing is appropriate here. Something along the lines of project is the web service responsible for handling interactions with project-ios and project-android mobile clients.

This README should also include any specific build/deploying instructions


The docs directory should include any documentation related to the project. Specifically:

  • API Spec - Complete API documentation for any webservices or mobile apps that interact with web services.
  • Functional Spec - should be an up to date doc detailing all the features of the application, their api interaction, and user stories
  • Project Log - Contains notes from each team standup as well as release notes for each build

Some examples are in the docs directory, when documents are client supplied it is fine for these to be binary files (.doc/.pdf/etc...). When those documents are updated a explanitory change log message should accompany the commit that updates them so changes can be tracked effectively. For documents that we create, they should be in proper markdown format so that they can be viewed nicely on Github as well as be used for generating pdf documents to send back to the client


The design directory should include all design/intermediary assets for the application, this should include wireframes/mockups as well as any psd files with the completed designs. These should be kept up to date such that someone should be able to resume development on the project after a potentially a long period of activity without missing any source assets (and without needing access to a dropbox folder or old emails). Changes should be accompanied by meaningful change log messages so we have record of the project changes in design. This should not be the directory for project assets to be included in XCode.