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@twpayne twpayne released this Feb 13, 2020 · 17 commits to master since this release


ed3584c Temporarily disable bash completion in snaps
c11e4c9 Merge pull request #595 from twpayne/fix-594
23bda0a Include relative path in template name
37096b0 Merge pull request #592 from twpayne/update-toml
5d20cbf Use to handle TOML
1624695 Merge pull request #591 from twpayne/functional-config-options
cd49a3f Use standard directories in all tests
dc82787 Make tests more verbose by default
1b50624 Simplify I/O handling in Config
4610fec Use newTestConfig function in tests
8bea1b2 Add newTestConfig function
c475c5e Use functional options to construct Configs
552151d Don't include destination directory in dump output
5e8b893 Merge pull request #590 from twpayne/template-funcs-in-config-template
8771b2d Make all template functions available in config file template
0d8ddd6 Merge pull request #588 from twpayne/misc-fixes
c62befa Bump golangci-lint to v1.23.3
de3d05b Check more errors
b3dfbea Use more specific receiver
64a30b2 Avoid unnecessary calls to Stat before MkdirAll
a65f193 Use Config.warn consistently
3e2fd5b Merge pull request #587 from twpayne/format-assets
02ae747 Compress assets as much as possible
840d00e Wrap generated code at 80 columns
7ac364b Tidy up contributing docs
61a5942 Merge pull request #586 from twpayne/remove-empty-symlinks
a13cff2 If a symlink is empty, remove the target
c39c254 Merge pull request #584 from twpayne/no-large-diffs
bde4d3e Don't print diffs if file is larger than 1MB
ecfba0e Merge pull request #582 from twpayne/use-issue-templates
f03e442 Link to issue templates in documentation
17ceb5f When looking for an entry, return an error if it does not exist (#581)
a5785d3 When looking for an entry, return an error if it does not exist
5099fed Merge pull request #579 from twpayne/upgrade-checksum
7b6fa02 Fix upgrade checksum filename

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