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@twpayne twpayne released this Sep 10, 2019


c29d46c Add Windows build test on Travis
085c025 Add config file template test
8144046 Add init test
283d98e Add init test (#419)
4203598 Add keepassxcAttribute template function
6ccd08c Add keepassxcAttribute template function (#418)
d628770 Build with Go 1.13
97dac6f Disable funlen linter
5056d8a Disable funlen linter (#420)
e5d4962 Ignore chezmoi.exe
9c02816 Ignore chezmoi.exe (#421)
95759d7 Improve
1dea364 Improve (#407)
a08bb5a Re-generate tables of contents
2b5ec69 Remove stray double quote
8ae43e6 Thread fs to exec
1656bf6 Tidy up tables
ef1229e Tidy up tables and table of contents (#414)
78dda03 Updated install script to be in line with shlib/
44e4a24 Use an interface to abstract VCSes

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