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Lovelace card for hass-aarlo integration.
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Lovelace card designed specifically for the AArlo Integration.


It provides:

  • Motion and sound notifications.
  • Access to the camera library recordings.
  • Live streaming.
  • Support for doorbell and door opening notifications.

HACS Installtion

hacs_badge Aarlo is part of the default HACS store. If you're not interested in development branches this is the easiest way to install. HACS will tell you what to add to your UI configuration.

Manual Installtion

install /config
# check output looks good
install go /config

Add the following to the top of your UI configuration file.

  - type: module
    url: /local/aarlo-glance.js

Custom Lovelace Card Configuration

Name Type Default Supported options Description
type string required custom:aarlo-glance
entity string required camera entity_id
name string Display Name
show string list required [motion, sound, snapshot, battery_level, signal_strength, captured_today, image_date] all items are optional but you must provide at least 1
hide string list [title, status, date ] Hide this information from the card.
top_title boolean false Show the title at the top of the card
top_status boolean false Show the status at the top of the card
top_date boolean false Show the date at the top of the card
image_click string ['play'] Action to perform when image is clicked. Remove attribute to play last recorded video when image is clicked.
door string entity_id Useful if the camera is pointed at a door.
door_lock string entity_id
door_bell string entity_id
door2 string entity_id Useful if the camera is pointed at a door.
door2_lock string entity_id
door2_bell string entity_id


To get the show items (except snapshot, which needs nothing) to work correctly you need to enable the corresponding binary_sensor or sensor. For example, to get motion notifications working you need the following binary sensor enabled:

  - platform: aarlo
    - motion


The following is my front door camera configuration. Please remember rename the aarlo_ components.

type: 'custom:aarlo-glance'
entity: camera.aarlo_front_door_camera
name: Front Door
  - motion
  - sound
  - snapshot
  - battery_level
  - signal_strength
  - captured_today
  - image_date
top_title: false
top_status: false
top_date: false
image_click: play
door: binary_switch.front_door
door_lock: lock.front_door_lock
door_bell: binary_switch.aarlo_ding_front_door_bell
door2: binary_switch.front_door
door2_lock: lock.front_door_lock
door2_bell: binary_switch.aarlo_ding_front_door_bell

You don't need to reboot to see the GUI changes, a reload is sufficient. And if all goes will see a card that looks like this:

Aarlo Glance

Reading from left to right you have the camera name, motion detection indicator, captured clip indicator, battery levels, signal level and current state. If you click the image the last captured clip will play, if you click the last captured icon you will be show the video library thumbnails - see below. Clicking the camera icon (not shown) will take a snapshot and replace the current thumbnail. (See supported features for list of camera statuses)

Clicking on the last captured clip will display thumbnail mode. Clicking on a thumbnail starts the appropiate video. You can currently only see the last 99 videos. If you move your mouse over a thumbnail it will show you time of capture and, if you have a Smart subscription, a reason for the capture. > takes you to the next page, < to the previous and X closes the window.

Aarlo Thumbnails


See hass-aarlo for general Aarlo documentation.


Many thanks to:

  • Button Card for a working lovelace card I could understand
  • JetBrains for the excellent PyCharm IDE and providing me with an open source license to speed up the project development.
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