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HoneyRJ is a low-interaction honeypot written in Java. A low-interaction honeypot serves a number of limited functionality protocols with the intent of capturing the source of traffic coming to the honeypot. A honeypot is located on an IP address that is used solely for the purpose of the honeypot and not for any legitimate services; any connections to the software are presumed to be malicious and are logged for later review. HoneyRJ was designed to be extremely simple and easily extendable.

Project History

HoneyRJ was written in Spring 2009 as part of a course project for CSE571S: Network Security at Washington University in St. Louis.


A Practical Guide to Honeypots: an overview of honeypot technology in 2009. We'll eventually add it to the repository in Markdown format.

User Manual: the HoneyRJ user manual


The source code is not high-quality. We are posting the source code on Github so that people can use it as a reference for their own projects. Please pardon our "French" in the source code.