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Cupid gives you the information you need when, where, and how you need it.

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Cupid is an information mash-up and visualization plug-in for Eclipse. The goal of Cupid is to give you immediate access to the information you need to gain insight into your project and team.

Cupid can help answer many questions that arise during development, for example:

  • Who should I contact about this file? (who is the file's most frequent committer?)
  • Which parts of a debugging stack trace correspond to recently changed files?
  • What has Susan been working on?

Generally, to answer these types of questions, you'd need to click around multiple views and dialogs, which is tedious and interrupts your flow. For commonly occurring questions, you might write a plug-in, but this requires learning the Eclipse plug-in system and finding the right API hooks for the plug-in (if it has any public hooks!). Cupid enables you to answer these questions in a few clicks, not hours.

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Feature Highlights

  • Selection Inspector View: view information about the currently selected workbench item
  • Conditional Formatting: highlight tree and table items just by writing a rule snippet (with auto-complete)
  • Pipeline Wizard: combine information from multiple sources without coding

Video Demos

Here are a couple videos demonstrating the use of Cupid to answer team and task questions.

Target Audience / Developers

Cupid is targeted at developers working on teams that use one or more Eclipse plug-ins in their daily work. Cupid enables these developers answer questions about their project and team by pulling, combining, and visualizing information from multiple sources. Cupid works especially well for developers using version control plug-ins such as MercurialEclipse and EGit in order to incorporate team information when developing, testing, and debugging.

System Requirements

Cupid requires Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo SR2), Eclipse 4.x, or later.

Project History

Cupid is developed at the University of Washington by Todd Schiller.

  • August, 2013: We've released a Beta version of Cupid. We welcome bug reports, comments, and feature requests!
  • July, 2013: We're finishing up a major new release of Cupid. Major improvements include support for multiple inputs / outputs per component, and snippet editing for formatting rules.
  • January, 2013: We released an alpha version of Cupid that only supports single input / output capabilities and scripts
  • November, 2012: A proof-of-concept version of Cupid is available that illustrates pipe-lining and visualization (see video above)

Related Projects

There are numerous scripting environments for Eclipse supporting a broad range of languages including Javascript, Groovy, Python, and Ruby. A listing can be found on the E4 project incubator page. Cupid differs from these projects in that Cupid's goal is to provide contextual information quickly, not automate tasks.


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