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Christmas Tree with NeoPixels 🎄
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NeoPixel Tree 🎄

A Christmas Tree powered by Adafruit NeoPixels and an ESP8266

GIF of tree showing colors


Fritzing output of project



  • I originally went with an Adafruit HUZZAH (ESP8266) but replaced it with the NodeMCU for the built in Schottky diode when protoyping and having the USB as well as external power connected. The NodeMCU also includes a voltage divider for inputs which don't matter as much in this application, but could if something like a microphone were to be added for changing lights to music.
  • I regret using solid core wiring for this application. D'oh.

Power distribution

With the continuous three meter strip laid out, I measured two spots to solder in power for equal distribution in both directions. I followed the advice from the NeoPixel Überguide.

Connecting the ring to the end of the strip

I soldered on connectors to plug the ring to the end of the strip, which provide both power and data. This serves as a nice quick-disconnect. The ring LEDs are addressed as indices 90-105.

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