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A collection of notes, scripts and tidbits to enhance the D-Link DNS-323 NAS.
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These instructions will make a few assumptions regarding the setup of the DNS-323.

  • The primary storage mount point is: /mnt/HD_a2
    • This is true for most setups (e.g. mirrored and striped) but if your setup involves two JBOD drives then depending on where you want various files stored, some references to /mnt/HD_a2 may need to be replaced with, for example, /mnt/HD_b2.
  • These instructions were written with a DNS-323 hardware rev. B available, if you have a different hardware revision then some procedures may vary.


fonz's fun_plug

  1. Copy fun_plug and fun_plug.tgz to Volume 1 and reboot. If successful, the fun_plug.tgz file is unpacked (ffp directory) and deleted. A telnet server is started.


persistent root home directory

# mkdir -p /ffp/home/root/
# usermod -d /ffp/home/root/ root

ffp packages

# mkdir /ffp/pkg/
# cd /ffp/pkg/
# rsync -av --delete .

Uli's packages

# cd /ffp/pkg/
# rsync -av --delete .


Requires Uli's packages.

# funpkg -i /ffp/pkg/additional/app-editors/nano-2.0.9-2.tgz
# cp -i /ffp/etc/examples/nanorc /ffp/etc/

Pen Drive

For running ffp off of a USB pen drive connected to your DNS-323, see instructions in the usb_ffp folder.



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