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Galactic Aztec Heavy Raspberry Pi Add-on: ADC
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Custom Raspberry Pi Add-on ADC board (based on the Galactic Aztec Raspberry Pi Add-on: Pressure Transducer Interface board) used to read pressures on the Galactic Aztec Heavy rocket. The board has a molex connector for power input (Supply Voltage) and 6 ethernet ports for interfacing with custom pressure transducer connector boards.

Custom EagleCAD parts on this board can be found in the SDSU Rocket Eagle Libraries.


Input IC
A0 ADS1114
A1 ADS1114
A2 ADS1114
A3 ADS1114
A4 ADS1100
A5 ADS1100


16-bit, 860 SPS ADC

PGA Resolution (V) Maximum Input (V)
2/3 0.0001875 5.3
1 0.000125 4.096
2 0.0000625 2.048
4 0.00003125 1.024
8 0.000015625 0.512
16 0.0000078125 0.256


Bits Resolution (V) Sample Rate (SPS)
16 0.000152587891 8
15 0.000305175782 16
14 0.000610351563 32
12 0.00244140625 128

Resolution values listed with PGA=1


The ethernet ports adhere to the following T-568B wiring configuration:

Pin Color Function
1 Orange/White Signal
2 Orange Signal
3 Green/White
4 Blue Supply Voltage
5 Blue/White Supply Voltage
6 Green
7 Brown/White Ground
8 Brown Ground

Bill of Materials

Qty Name Description Notes Part Number Vendor
1 H0 Header Stacking 2x20 Tall 23mm 1979 Adafruit
1 P0 Molex Mini Fit Jr. 4-pos Right Angle WM1352-ND DigiKey
6 JP0-5 Jack RJ45 CAT5/CAT5e 380-1046-ND DigiKey
1 IC6 ISO1541 Low-Power Bidirectional I²C Isolator 296-34872-1-ND DigiKey
4 IC0-3 ADS1114 16-Bit I²C Analog-to-Digital Converter Addresses A0-A3 296-24932-1-ND DigiKey
1 IC4 ADS1100 16-Bit I²C Analog-to-Digital Converter Address A4 (100) 296-14301-1-ND DigiKey
1 IC5 ADS1100 16-Bit I²C Analog-to-Digital Converter Address A5 (101) 296-14302-1-ND DigiKey
2 R0,1 Resistor 1.8kΩ 1/10W ±1% 0603 I²C Pull-up 311-1.80KHRCT-ND DigiKey
8 C0-7 Capacitor Ceramic 0.1µF ±10% 25V 0603 Bypass Capacitors 490-1524-1-ND DigiKey
1 D0 LED Red Vf=1.8V If=2mA 0603 5V Power Indicator 475-1195-2-ND DigiKey
1 R2 Resistor 1.8kΩ 1/4W ±1% 0603 P1.8KBYCT-ND DigiKey
1 D1 LED Yellow Vf=1.8V If=2mA 0603 VIN Power Indicator 475-1196-1-ND DigiKey
1 R3 Resistor 15kΩ 1/4W ±1% 0603 RHM15.0KADCT-ND DigiKey
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