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#include "firewiredevice.h"
class DFDPriv;
class DarwinAVCInfo;
class DarwinFirewireDevice : public FirewireDevice
friend void *dfd_controller_thunk(void *param);
friend void dfd_update_device_list_item(DarwinFirewireDevice *dev,
uint64_t guid, void *item);
friend int dfd_no_data_notification(void *cb_data);
friend void dfd_stream_msg(
long unsigned int msg, long unsigned int param1,
long unsigned int param2, void *callback_data);
friend int dfd_tspacket_handler(
uint tsPacketCount, uint32_t **ppBuf, void *callback_data);
DarwinFirewireDevice(uint64_t guid, uint subunitid, uint speed,
bool gen_psip = false);
virtual bool OpenPort(void);
virtual bool ClosePort(void);
virtual bool ResetBus(void);
void HandleDeviceChange(uint messageType);
virtual void AddListener(TSDataListener*);
virtual void RemoveListener(TSDataListener*);
// Gets
virtual bool IsPortOpen(void) const;
// Statics
static vector<AVCInfo> GetSTBList(void);
void StartController(void);
void StopController(void);
bool OpenAVStream(void);
bool CloseAVStream(void);
bool IsAVStreamOpen(void) const;
bool StartStreaming(void);
bool StopStreaming(void);
virtual bool SendAVCCommand(
const vector<uint8_t> &cmd,
vector<uint8_t> &result,
int /*retry_cnt*/);
void HandleBusReset(void);
bool UpdatePlugRegisterPrivate(
uint plug_number, int fw_chan, int new_speed,
bool add_plug, bool remove_plug);
bool UpdatePlugRegister(
uint plug_number, int fw_chan, int speed,
bool add_plug, bool remove_plug, uint retry_cnt = 4);
void RunController(void);
void BroadcastToListeners(const unsigned char *data, uint dataSize);
void UpdateDeviceListItem(uint64_t guid, void *item);
void ProcessNoDataMessage(void);
void ProcessStreamingMessage(
uint32_t msg, uint32_t param1, uint32_t param2);
DarwinAVCInfo *GetInfoPtr(void);
const DarwinAVCInfo *GetInfoPtr(void) const;
int GetMaxSpeed(void);
bool IsSTBStreaming(uint *fw_channel = NULL);
vector<AVCInfo> GetSTBListPrivate(void);
int m_local_node;
int m_remote_node;
DFDPriv *m_priv;
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