An Ansible project to help deploy TxBits in production.
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An Ansible config to help you deploy TxBits in production.


  1. git clone
  3. Continue in one of the two sections below

In development / staging

  1. Set up a virtual machine with 512 MB of ram and 1 core. We recommend VirtualBox for this. *
  2. Install Debian 7.x on it, add your ssh key and clone it into 7 machines
  3. Check the ips of the machines and put them into playbook/group_vars/staging_testnet
  4. On your host set up your hosts file like this:
  5. ./ staging_testnet
  • You may be able to do this faster with Vagrant, but we haven't tried doing it yet.

In production

  1. Set up the 7 machines as described above, but this time with a VPS provider. The bitcoin virtual machine might need more storage than the 20GB you get with Digital Ocean for $5/month. Check the current size of the blockchain. Make sure all the machines can talk to each other over a LAN (even though all communication between them is encrypted)
  2. Copy playbook/staging_testnet_hosts to playbook/production_hosts and replace any references to staging_testnet with production
  3. Copy playbook/group_vars/staging_testnet to playbook/group_vars/production if it doesn't already exist
  4. Update the private ips in playbook/group_vars/production
  5. Create a secrets file in playbook/secrets called production.json based on staging_testnet.json
  6. Install the only dependency for pip3 install passlib
  7. Run python3 ./ production.json
  8. ./ production

Setting up the database

After deploying, you'll need to set up the database in order for the frontend to start up. It should be as simple as:

  1. ./ <environment>
  2. ./ <environment>

After deploying the database you'll need to restart the frontend and wallet.