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shadowsocks binaries for ASUS RT-N66U (merlin)
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shadowsocks binaries asus rt-n66u on merlin

Merlin has entware and it has shadowsocks avaiable as package. However, to enable entware, you must attach an usb drive to the router. I want to avoid that and use the /jffs directly, that's why I need to build the shadowsocks by myself.

The built binaries can be found in static-bin directory. In theory they should work on all mipsel routers.

Shadowsocks-libev version: ce0561a9992707a8409b9ca5a03f7aa7476608a1

How to build static shadowsocks for rt-n66u

Firstly, download tomatoware from I picked mipsel-soft-mmc.tgz

Extract it to /mmc.

Add toolchain to your PATH:

$ export PATH=/mmc/bin:$PATH

I choose to use PolarSSL instead of openssl. Download polarssl (1.2.19), extract and then build. This will take a lot of time.

$ make
$ make install DESTDIR="/home/txchen/sscompile/install/polar-static"

Then build shadowsocks:

$ git clone
$ cd shadowsocks-libev
$ # change libev/ev_epoll.c, replace epoll_create1 with epoll_create
$ LIBS="-ldl" LDFLAGS="-static" ./configure \
  --with-crypto-library=polarssl \
$ # change src/Makefile, change LDFLAGS = -static to LDFLAGS = -all-static
$ make

The static binaries should then be available in src directory, you can use file ss-redir to check if it is statically linked. You can further reduce their sizes:

$ strip src/ss-*

Now copy them to the router and they should work.

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