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Latest commit 7f51b09 Mar 25, 2011 cfb Subject: Sync spine.spec
From: Chet Burgess <>

Trac: Refs #132

The spine.spec file is out of sync. Numerous changes from both trunk
and branches/spine_2_1 have been synced so the files are now in sync.

Signed-off-by: Chet Burgess <>
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lib/Spine Subject: Properly guard auth's "system homedirectories" Mar 22, 2011
publisher Subject: More fifo handling improvements Nov 11, 2009
scripts Subject: Fix name of Mar 21, 2011
LICENSE - Testing, ingore Nov 5, 2009
Makefile Subject: Fix Makefile Nov 12, 2009
quick_template Subject: Add --quiet mode support and modify quick_template to use it Nov 13, 2009
spine.spec Subject: Sync spine.spec Mar 25, 2011