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build with parameters #15

smarmit opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Thank you for the cool tool. One feature I'd love is the ability to pass parameters to a job with the "build" method. I end up using other tools because this feature is missing.



Thanks. Can you provide some specific example of what you are trying to do and how other tools help you?
Maybe you are referring to a feature of Jenkins I am not familiar with.


Hi. With python-jenkins and jenkinsapi packages, I can call a job a provide parameters. A specific example:

  • I have a jenkins job which takes one parameter named "branch" to be used as the source control branch.
  • With python-jenkins for example I would do:

j = jenkins.Jenkins('http://your_url_here', 'username', 'password')
j.build_job('some_job', {'branch': 'my_source_branch'})

With autojenkins the "build" function does not take parameters so I would not be able to pass a parameter name/value.

Thank you!


I'd love to see that too!


I'm impressed with how easy it is to use this, but the only thing keeping this from being useful to me is the lacking support for parameters. All of the jobs I would like to use this for have required parameters.
I would love to see this feature so I could automate many of my deploys, saving me a ton of time.


I just extended the build action to accept a hash of parameters for parameterized builds. Not sure if anyone is still paying attention to this project, but it seemed like it would be useful for some stuff I'm doing at work, I just needed optional parameters


Check out my fork of the project to see if you want to merge it


@mroll feel free to send a PR


sent it

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