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Fretboards on a browser

Instantiate a fretboard, and display some notes, scales, chord voicings, etc.

This is an example of how it looks like:

A live demo is available at


As a script tag, from CDN:

<script src=""></script>

In a modern Javascript environment, with ES2015 or higher, install with:

npm install fretboards

And then import the whole package:

import * as fretboards from "fretboards";

...or just the bits you need:

import { Fretboard, Tunings } from "fretboards";

Usage examples

The javascript API:

// Layout a specific scale
var fb = fretboard.Fretboard();
fb.add("a phrygian").paint();

// Use alternative tunings
var fbDropD = fretboard.Fretboard({ tuning: fretboard.Tunings.guitar6.Drop_D });
fbDropD.add("a phrygian").paint();

// Place specific notes on specific strings, e.g. for chord voicings
var c7add9 = fretboard.Fretboard({ frets: 5 });
c7add9.add("5:c3 4:e3 3:bb3 2:d4 1:g4").paint();

Property updates

Once the fretboard is rendered, you can dynamically update configuration properties and the fretboard will redraw, keeping the notes. Examples include:

fb.set("fretWidth", 30);
fb.set("leftHanded", true);
fb.set("frets", 12);

Check the full example at demos/dynamic.html.

The 'document' API

You can also use HTML attributes for declaratively including fretboard instances in your page, and using Fretboard.drawAll(selector) as in the example below:

  data-notes="6:g2 6:f#2 6:a2 5:b2 5:c3 5:d3 4:e3 4:f#3; 4:g3 3:a3 3:b3 3:c4 2:d4 2:e4 2:f#4; 1:g4 1:a4 1:b4"
<div class="fb-container" data-frets="12" data-notes="c major"></div>

<!-- bootstrapping javascript at the end -->

You can pass initialization configuration options to drawAll, e.g.:

  fretboard.Fretboard.drawAll(".fb-container", {
    tuning: Tunings.guitar6.E_4ths,
    leftHanded: true,

Configuration options

These are the configuration options and their default values:

config = {
  frets: 12, // Number of frets to display
  startFret: 0, // Initial fret
  strings: 6, // Strings
  tuning: Tunings.guitar6.standard, // Tuning: default = Standard Guitar
  fretWidth: 50, // Display width of frets in pixels
  fretHeight: 20, // Display heigh of frets in pixels
  leftHanded: false, // Show mirror image for left handed players
  showTitle: false, // Set the note name as the title, so it will display on hover


Display fretboards on a browser using Javascript






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