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Simple I18n support for meteor
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A simple Meteor internationalization package

Simple internationalization using collections and session.

How to install

  1. Run meteor add txgruppi:simple-i18n


  1. Run Meteor.I18n() on the server to publish current_language_records.
  2. Run Meteor.I18n() on the client to subscribe to current_language_records.

You can pass some options to initialize the i18n package, see I18n.prototype.init for more info

How to add translations

Do something like this (server side):

var translations = [
  {lang: 'pt-br', base_str: 'Hello', new_str: 'Olá'},
  {lang: 'de', base_str: 'Hello', new_str: 'Hallo'},
  {lang: 'es', base_str: 'Hello', new_str: 'Hola'},
  {lang: 'it', base_str: 'Hello', new_str: 'Ciao'}
var i18n = Meteor.I18n();

for (var i in translations) {
  if (!i18n.collection.findOne({lang: translations[i].lang, base_str: translations[i].base_str})) {
    i18n.insert(translations[i].lang, translations[i].base_str, translations[i].new_str);

Sample here!

More info

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