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Jekyll txt2tags plugin

Write your Jekyll posts and pages using the txt2tags markup.


Just copy the txt2tags_converter.rb file to the _plugins folder of your Jekyll website.

Note: txt2tags must be installed on your machine (get it).


All pages and posts files ending in the .t2t extension will be processed through txt2tags automatically.



The first post (.md) will be converted to HTML by Markdown, the others will use txt2tags.

Post Example

title: My txt2tags test post
layout: post

The first sentence, using [txt2tags http://txt2tags.org] markup.

Have fun

The full power of txt2tags is available:

  • Tables: easy and readable markup
  • Automatic Table of Contents (TOC).
  • Automatic numbering for lists and headings.
  • Regex powered Pre and Post processing filters.

Tables: easy and readable markup

title: Fruit colors
layout: post

My preferred fruits and their colors:

|| Fruit | Color  |
| apple  | red    |
| banana | yellow |
| lemon  | green  |

Automatic TOC and numbering

Long articles with lots of sections just beg for an automatic TOC and numbered headings.

title: My long article
layout: post

% Inform extra command line options to txt2tags:
%!options: --toc --toc-level 2 --enum-title

Hello, this is my very very long article. There are 10
sections talking about fruits:



Regex powered Pre and Post processing filters

Modify your contents with search & replace filters, before and/or after the HTML conversion.

title: Filters are nice
layout: post

% Replace "quotes" with “fancy quotes”
%!preproc: '"(.*?)"'   '“\1”'

The first post sentence, after the "config" above.