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txt2tags tools

Convert HTML pages to txt2tags markup.
A Python script to generate a site with txt2tags. It copies all files over, except those with txt2tags extension, which are automatically converted.
A simple shell script to automate the conversion of files in a directory. It scans and converts only the .t2t files that has changed since the last conversion. There are command line options and an interactive mode.
Convert Markdown files to the txt2tags markup.

A CSS file to format HTML pages using the txt2tags markup instead.

Configuration file to escape Unicode characters in RTF files. Include it using the --config-file command line option.

A powerful Ruby script that automate the conversion of txt2tags files. It scans directories, convert needed files and generate logs. It also has a nice batch feature, to store different sets of configurations.

The txt2tags web interface, written in PHP. Useful for intranets and quick tests. There's a demo online at