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Txt2tags is a document generator created by Aurelio Jargas in 2001. It reads a text file with minimal markup such as **bold** and //italic// and converts it to many formats, such as:

  • AsciiDoc
  • DocBook
  • HTML
  • LaTeX
  • MoinMoin
  • UNIX man page
  • Wikipedia/MediaWiki
  • …and many others.

Txt2tags is available in two different versions, which are branches inside this repository.

Branch v2, txt2tags version 2.7-dev

Full featured txt2tags version that works on Python 2.

  • Runs on Python versions 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7.

  • Many years of development and contributions since txt2tags version 2.6 from 2010: bug fixes, new features (templates, remote files, more macros), new targets (bbcode, CSV, HTML5, Markdown, RTF, ReStructuredText, …) - see changelog

  • No official release for txt2tags version 2.7 yet, use the GitHub code.

  • The maintainer is Florent Gallaire.

Branch v3, txt2tags version 3.x

Simpler txt2tags version that works on Python 3, branched off from txt2tags version 2.6.

  • Runs on Python versions 2.7 and 3.x.

  • Removed features (GUI, macros, i18n, translations, ASCII Art/PageMaker/XHTML targets) and only supports UTF-8 files, to achieve easier maintenance (see changelog).

  • New releases are available as PyPI packages.

  • The maintainer is Jendrik Seipp.

Feature differences between versions

Feature v2.6 v2.7-dev v3.x
Runs on Python <2.5
Runs on Python 2.5
Runs on Python 2.6
Runs on Python 2.7
Runs on Python 3
Supported encodings All All UTF-8
GUI interface
Internationalization (i18n)
Remote HTTP files
User-defined templates
Command: %!csv
Macro: %%date
Macro: %%mtime
Macro: %%infile
Macro: %%outfile
Macro: %%toc
Macro: %%appname
Macro: %%appurl
Macro: %%appversion
Macro: %%cmdline
Macro: %%encoding
Macro: %%header1
Macro: %%header2
Macro: %%header3
Macro: %%target
Option: --encoding
Option: --css-inside
Setting: %!postvoodoo
Setting: %!encoding
Target: ASCII Art
Target: ASCII Art Presentation
Target: ASCII Art Presentation Web
Target: ASCII Art Spreadsheet
Target: ASCII Art Web
Target: AsciiDoc document
Target: BBCode
Target: CSV
Target: Creole 1.0 document
Target: ConTeXt document
Target: DocBook document
Target: DokuWiki page
Target: Foswiki / TWiki
Target: Google Wiki page
Target: HTML
Target: HTML Spreadsheet
Target: HTML5
Target: LaTeX Spreadsheet
Target: LaTeX document
Target: Lout document
Target: MOM groff macro
Target: MagicPoint presentation
Target: Markdown
Target: MoinMoin page
Target: Open Document Spreadsheet
Target: PageMaker
Target: Plain Text
Target: PmWiki page
Target: RTF
Target: ReStructuredText
Target: Redmine Wiki (Textile)
Target: SGML document
Target: SPIP
Target: SQLite database
Target: Slidy slides
Target: Txt2tags
Target: UNIX Manual page
Target: Utmac (utroff)
Target: Vimwiki
Target: Wikipedia page (MediaWiki)
Target: WordPress
Target: XHTML
Target: XHTML strict

Unlisted features are available in all versions.