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package txtdirect
import (
// Host keeps data for "host" type requests
type Host struct {
rw http.ResponseWriter
req *http.Request
c Config
rec Record
// NewHost returns a fresh instance of Host struct
func NewHost(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, rec Record, c Config) *Host {
return &Host{
rw: w,
req: r,
rec: rec,
c: c,
// Redirect redirects the request to the endpoint defined in the record
func (h *Host) Redirect() error {
to, code, err := getBaseTarget(h.rec, h.req)
if err != nil {
log.Print("Fallback is triggered because an error has occurred: ", err)
fallback(, h.req, "to", code, h.c)
return nil
log.Printf("[txtdirect]: %s > %s", h.req.Host+h.req.URL.Path, to)
if code == http.StatusMovedPermanently {"Cache-Control", fmt.Sprintf("max-age=%d", Status301CacheAge))
}"Status-Code", strconv.Itoa(code))
http.Redirect(, h.req, to, code)
return nil