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A Bayes network simulator for Android
Mirah Ruby
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A simple Bayes network simulator for Android written in Mirah. It's a work in progress AND I'm an Android noob, so don't expect anything usable just yet! :P


You'll need the development version of Pindah to build this. Get it like this:

rvm use jruby-head
gem install mirah

git clone git://
cd pindah && gem build pindah.gemspec && gem install

Now for the actual app:

git clone git://
cd bayes-android
rake debug

Now to install and run your app in either the simulator or a real device, type:

adb install bin/bayes-debug.apk && adb logcat

To make the whole cycle more agile, I've set up a that cleans the build, uninstalls the app from the device, builds it again, installs it, and starts logging. Useful while developing:


Who's this

This was made by Josep M. Bach (Txus) under the MIT license. I'm @txustice on twitter (where you should probably follow me!).

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