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+# domodoro
+Distributed pomodoro architecture running on EventMachine.
+_ACHTUNG_: This gem is under active development, **not** released yet!
+Domodoro uses a pub/sub approach to send scheduled pomodoro events (such as
+'start working' or 'pomodoro break') to a number of subscribers simultaneously.
+The subscriber (i.e. the domodoro client) receives those events and triggers
+an appropriate alarm/notification (via Growl for example).
+The idea behind this is that synchronized pomodoros between coworkers are a
+win, but difficult to implement with traditional software, because of the
+following reasons:
+* Using local pomodoro timers/software makes pomodoro cycles unsynced between
+ different coworkers, so that one may have a pomodoro break while others are
+ still working and that may put at risk their ability to focus.
+* Using a global pomodoro (for example, alarms for the entire office) **does**
+ annoy the hell out of whoever does'nt want/can't benefit from pomodoro
+ cycles at a particular moment.
+* Plus, the "alarms for the entire office" does not work with coworkers that
+ may not be in the office (telecommuting workers for example).
+Solution: a pub/sub architecture where a centralized publisher (the domodoro
+server) broadcasts pomodoro events to whoever wants to subscribe to them, so
+whoever wants to stay synced, can, and who doesn't, can stay out of it.
+## Install
+ $ gem install domodoro
+In the server machine:
+ $ domodoro serve [port]
+Each of the clients that want to connect must do this:
+ $ domodoro join [ip of the server machine] [port]
+The clients will receive notifications via sound/growl (configurable in a
+`~/.domodororc` file).
+## Copyright
+Copyright (c) 2011 Josep M. Bach. Released under the MIT license.

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